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May 07, 2021  
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Basketball - The Jordan Brand Classic 2018 The planning committee for the men’s tournament, for instance, had twice the budget of the women’s, and significantly more personnel involved in planning. Of course the men’s tournament would generate greater revenue and be seen as more successful compared to the women’s tournament under these circumstances. It’s the same reason that startups who don’t get funding often have lower returns than others that are flush with cash from venture capital funds. The reality is that we can all call bologna on this “economic” argument, both in the solidity of the argument and its irrelevance. Men’s lacrosse is not revenue generating, just as women’s field hockey, men’s tennis and women’s rowing do not bring in much in the way of money. No one is crying for Ohio State to drop its men’s lacrosse program. Let’s be real: there is tons of investment in facilities for programs that do not bring home any bacon check this site out whatsoever. Ohio State is often a leader in this category, having opened the Covelli Center in recent years to support both men’s and women’s non-revenue athletics. Stop acting like the goal is always money. Back to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. After numerous (after the fact) apologies, promises of inquiries - including some directed by Congress - and a quickly improved weight room for the women’s teams, Stanford beat Arizona in the conclusion of a wildly entertaining Final Four weekend. But as so often happens in the context of women’s sports, the story of what happened on the court (or the field or the rink) felt, in this case, secondary to the broader issues at play. In many ways, it often seems like the women at the center of these events win and then have the opportunity to use those wins as authority to advocate for betterment of women’s sports overall. Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s National Team come to mind in the professional sphere, and their consistent work toward equal pay for women is almost as renowned as the success of their team on the field. While many in the sports world have been quick to support the elevation of women’s athletics, using their own platforms to advocate for women (looking at you, Steph Curry ), others have, as recently as last week, shown their total ignorance of the challenges facing women in sports - like Draymond Green . Which brings us back to the NCAA. How rooted is sexism that the governing body of both men’s and women’s sports can’t even provide equal resources? Are they really so afraid of allowing women’s programs to get on the same level?


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